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CNAS lab accreditation

CNAS lab accreditation

China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) evaluates whether a lab can be accredited to National Accredited Testing Laboratory. The evaluation is follows ISO Standard 17025 (Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories). Accredited labs are listed in a directory.

CNAS lab accreditation aims to:

  • -- Prove to all sectors of society that the system and technology capacity of an accredited lab can satisfy the needs of lab users;
  • -- Encourage the lab to enchance internal management, technology capacity, service level and quality, and competitive capacity, as well as enable it to fairly, scientifically and accurately provide reputable service to society;
  • -- Reduce and eliminate repetitive second-party lab accreditation;
  • -- By signing mutual accreditation agreements (bilateral or multilateral) between lab accreditation bodies of different countries, achieve mutual recognition of accreditation certificates or reports, and thus reduce repetitive testing, eliminate technical barriers to trade, and promote international trade.

Significance of CNAS lab accreditation:

  • -- Indicates that the lab has the technical capacity to carry out test and calibration services based on relevant accreditation principles;
  • -- Enhances market competition ability, earns trust of governmental and social sectors;
  • -- Allows lab to obtain accreditation from accreditation bodies of countries/regions where mutual accreditation agreement parties are located;
  • -- Grants the opportunity to participate in bilateral and multilateral cooperative communication that is internationally recognized by conformity assessment bodies;
  • -- Allows the company to display CNAS national lab accreditation mark and ILAC internationally mutual accreditation union mark within its scope of accreditation;
  • -- Adds INFINAIR on the list of accredited institutions, boosting the company’s reputation.

INFINAIR’s aerodynamic performance lab obtained CNAS lab accreditation qualification in 2013, verifying that the testing ability of INFINAIR’s lab in pressure, air volume, rotation speed, power, efficiency, etc. constantly conforms to requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. The accredidation provides a reliable third-party guarantee for the lab’s test results.


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