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INFINAIR Quality Matters to Superior Customer Experience



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INFINAIR has always honored its commitment to pursue the corporate strategy of Quality First. With the aim of seeking competitive advantages from quality goods, INFINAIR constantly endeavors to promote the quality of goods and demands that every INFINAIR’s employee bear in mind the pivotal importance of quality and reliability.

Under the leadership of the company’s top management, INFINAIR forms a dedicated panel for quality assurance to implement ISO9001 quality management standard(QMS). The panel members are committed to innovate ways of quality management and control, heighten the sense of quality responsibility among the working staff, and enhance the employee’s motivation to improve quality with great initiative, thus achieving the ultimate goal of securing a constantly improved quality system for INFINAIR.

INFINAIR advocates that I, as a member of the INFINAIR, prove that every work should be done on time and without any fault. I will spare no efforts to satisfy our customers.

INFINAIR issues clear quality guidelines and objectives to achieve the high quality.

Quality Guidelines:

Strict management method, Perfect control flow, Reliable equipment technology, INFINAIR will try our best to constantly improve the product’s quality for customers’ satisfaction.

Quality Objectives:

  • Employee’s training plan execution rate ≥ 90%
  • The first pass of products test rate ≥ 98%
  • Production task completion rate ≥ 95%
  • Quality external loss cost ≤ 0.29%

INFINAIR Quality Team Organization Chart:


  • Quality Management Department
  • Incoming Quality Control Team
  • Quality Control Team
  • Quality System Team
  • Quality Assurance Team

INFINAIR’s concept on emphasizing products’ development and design is reflected on the follows: 

1. The use of advanced product quality and control plan.

2. The process and analysis of the failure design, and implementing standardization work.

3. Establishing national CNAS accreditation and international AMCA accreditation’s laboratory for testing and verification.

4. Determining the key processes in the product realization process, making critical quality control points and visual management, displaying the operating specifications and quality control requirements in the workplace.

5. Collection and arrangement of internal and external quality cases, making the quality KANBAN and holding quality warning activity in all employees.

6. Establishing the Quality Control Circle(QCC) , improving the staff’s quality of personnel, strengthening the skills and implementing standardization and normalization.

7. Placing high priority on quality, INFINAIR adopts the system of rewards and penalties to motivate quality improvement and discourage quality deterioration. Every quarter, quality role model for individuals and team are selected, rewards are offered to employees with top performance, and those who cause quality problems owing to oversight are warned or penalized. The effective combination of employee motivation and performance makes every INFINAIR member act on their own initiative to contribute to the corporate quality improvement.


KANBANm anagement

Besides, INFINAIR boasts the idea of supplier quality management, which is manifested in the aspect of quality control from the products' source, visits paid to suppliers, on-site quality inspection, and facilitation to suppliers' quality, thus ensuring that each quality indicator lives up to the standards. Meanwhile, INFINAIR signs the Quality Assurance Agreement with suppliers, which requires that every supplier should assign to INFINAIR a QA engineer for an on-site-5-day quality training, and INFINAIR holds only the suppliers responsible for quality assurance who pass the training exam as qualified suppliers to meet the quality requirements set by INFINAIR.

INFINAIR is committed to promoting the product fineness and improving internal quality management. Seeking for quality perfection is the cornerstone of our superior customer experience and INFINAIR’s global brand reputation.


The project manager is leading the team to discuss and analyze the product quality improvement.


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