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Expert Series of Industrial Blowers

This video is about INFINAIR industrial process blowers,which we call them Process expertTM series. INFINAIR offer you the most complete range of industrial process blowers, More than 10 kinds of different aerodynamic centrifugal wheel platforms are readily available. The wheel diameter range are from 315 up to 2000mm, while the pressure is up to 20,000Pa (80 in. WG).



Most of our industrial blower series are backward curved types, which are featuring higher efficiency than backward inclined wheels while more cost-effective than airfoil types.While some forward curved types are designed for high pressure performance. The drive arrangements can be A4, A8 & A12.INFINAIR CFD simulation technology are repeatedly optimizing and ensuring the aerodynamic performance, that’s how the fan efficiency grade can be as high as FEG80 as per AMCA Standard 205. Stable and smooth aerodynamic performance curve are widening the range of high efficiency working area. This feature efficiently avoids fan performance decreasing caused by deviation of the working point, which are quite possible to happen.



Thousands of molds are ensuring the wheel platforms are readily available to satisfy your needs. Such a large scale of product availability means convenient and quick solution.Laser cutting, robot welding, CNC lathe, CNC bending…… the investment on state-of-the-art machines decides INFINAIR quality,and your experience.



The INFINAIR bearing boxes are featuring high manufacturing accuracy and good cooling.Each wheel is balanced to AMCA level G4.0, fundamentally ensured long-term quiet and stable running.Before each blower leaves the factory, we will test its vibration. Our vibration test bench is 18 meters long, 10 meters wide, and it’s surrounded by a vibration reduction groove. The bench is independent from the workshop foundation, and 40 meters deep into the ground. This test bench ensures the capability of vibration control,which helps on achieving BV3 grade according to AMCA Standard204.



All INFINAIR blower wheels are designed to be removed and pulled out from the motor side, not the inlet duct side. This feature is meaningful for you because you do not need to dismount the duct to access the wheel anymore.



Need blowers for large volume, high pressure, high temperature, explosion resistant and other critical applications? INFINAIR blowers are definitely your ideal choice.


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