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AMCA Accredited INFINAIR’s Reverberant Room


Jiading, Shanghai, China, April 8, 2017:

Air Movement & Control Association, AMCA, recently issued formal documents to INFINAIR CORPORATION, which is to accredit INFINAIR’s newly built 1700 m3 reverberant room located at its headquarter, No. 55 Qingneng Road, Jiading, Shanghai, China.

The accreditation is based on AMCA Standard 300 Figure 2 & 3, it means the lab then enables INFINAIR to test fan noise in house achieving laboratory level precision.

According to AMCA rules and regulations, by achieving this milestone, the data from accredited lab can be used either as a guidance to INFINAIR’s R&D, as well as direct data for product certification.

INFINAIR’s product value proposition: Reliable, Convenient, and Novel are further practised.


Firstly built in 2006, INFINAIR’s fan test laboratory had drawn a lot of attention from the industry in and out mainland China.

It was designed strictly in compliance with AMCA standard 210 in day one, when a 30,000CMH (17,600CFM) air chamber (Chamber No.1) was firstly built.

In 2009, a much larger air chamber with 200,000CMH (118,000CFM, Chamber No.2) was put to use to satisfy the booming demand of testing huge centrifugal fans for heavy industrial market.

Chamber 1 & 2 were then accredited by AMCA in 2011 per standard 210, and the laboratory of INFINAIR was also the first accredited by AMCA in mainland China.

But INFINAIR decided to go even further.

In 2014, INFINAIR invested over 2 million USD to further extend the laboratory. The new construction under this wave of investment include:

  • A. Chamber No.3 with maximum airflow up to 200,000CMH (118,000CFM, same capacity but different function with Chamber No.2).
  • B. A brand new 1,700m3 reverberant room.
  • C. A brand new steel structure workshop to cover the above 3 chambers and the reverberant room.


When finished, INFINAIR immediately launched the laboratory accreditation program and the newly-built air chamber no. 3 was successfully accredited in 2016.

And, in March 2017, the reverberant room was accredited by AMCA per standard 300 (Fig. 2 & 3).





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