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R&D and Innovation

R&D and Innovation


INFINAIR's Numerical Simulation Technology

INFINAIR owns the industry-leading CFD technology

INFINAIR Research Institute masters a set of core CFD technology combining theory with practice owned by INFINAIR itself. Through a large number of repeated engineering applications for many years, now, INFINAIR’s CFD capability is mature and accurate. Besides, in combination with internationally accredited precision laboratories, Our CFD processes have been repeated hundreds of times to allow for comparison between theoretical values and test results, accumulating valuable test data.

CFD is an important R&D capability of INFINAIR’s Research Institute;; it is featured of high calculated result reliability and fast calculation process. By means of the all-series product utility module system, it can reduce the module development cost of new product at the same time of offering fast customization to customer, and ensure economy while realizing customization.

Successful cases of INFINAIR CFD technology:

1.INFINAIR product generally adopts CFD for systematic development and optimized design, and this is just why INFINAIR is capable of supplying more energy-saving and more efficient products with lower noise. Please see following picture of simulated aerodynamic performance process of INFINAIR complete mixed flow fan, a certain new box-type fan of INFINAIR and a certain centrifugal fan of INFINAIR.


CFD flow field pressure and rate of INFINAIR patented complete mixed flow fan (process illustration)


CFD flow field trace of a certain new box-type centrifugal fan of INFINAIR (process illustration)

2. With respect to garage ventilation system optimization, INFINAIR has successfully developed a new, complete series centrifugal inducing fan with high static pressure as wehll as far projection distance, and guide the ventilation system layout of underground garage of customer. The following is the flow field layout simulation of an underground garage.



CFD analysis for inducing fan of garage (process illustration)

INFINAIR has mature FEA technical capability

1.In the practice process of FEA technology for many years, INFINAIR has accumulated a large number of data and experience which are suitable for actual physical property of common materials in China market.

2.INFINAIR Research Institute fully calculates and repeatedly adjusts the material type, material thickness, structural form and processing way in design stage to ensure that the parts can resist various pressures in operation, ensure that the fan can operate reliably for a long time, and ensure that the product cost is reasonable.

3.The final product scheme goes through the reliability verification of INFINAIR laboratory, conducts failure analysis and life extension analysis for products suffered aging test, reaches a definite conclusion, and thus reasonably saves equipment investment while improving product reliability.

——Numerical simulation technology CAE

1.Numerical simulation is a kind of application of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), mainly includes two core technologies of CFD and FEA.

2.CFD is short for Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD simulate-calculates the product performance inside computer, provides guidance for aerodynamic model design (optimize the number of blades, angles and widths) and noise prediction of fan, especially impeller, and thus helps the designer basically predict the final aerodynamic performance without producing so many prototypes, consequently realizes quick customized design or systemic optimization.

3.As a “virtual laboratory”, CFD can realize fast iteration, save cost and reduce R&D period, is a strong tool for effective and reliable fan R&D and non-standard customization, and will provide accurate scheme for optimization of ventilation system.


CFD flow field pressure cloud of a certain centrifugal fan of INFINAIR (process illustration)

Successful cases of INFINAIR FEA technology:

1.The following is process illustration for a customized fan analyzed by INFINAIR Research Institute . According to the system natural vibration characteristics of the customer, INFINAIR Research Institute makes vibration mode analysis for the overall customized fan, achieves structural optimization, avoids resonating with system, and ensures that the fan can operate reliably for a long time.


Process illustration of FEA stress distribution for customized centrifugal fan impeller made by INFINAIR

2.In order to analyze the bearing and deformation of motor platform in operating process, INFINAIR Research Institute conducts modal analysis based on FEA technology.



Modal analysis for fan frame made by INFINAIR Research Institute through FEA



R&D and Innovation: R&D team

INFINAIR Research Institute focuses on “product life cycle” and is fully responsible for management of all products. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • 1.Fundamental research of hydromechanics;
  • 2.Market research of ventilation, gas heating, motor, air purification and automatic control of ventilation system;
  • 3.Product planning, R&D and manufacturing;
  • 4.Customization;
  • 5.Market launch and promotion, maintenance and update/obsolescence;
  • 6.Product experiment and test, product certification;
  • 7.Order processing and technical support.


As a new high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, INFINAIR Research Institute has an excellent technical talent team combing elder, middle-aged and young people and an effective talent cultivating mechanism. Immersing in Youth Culture of Ready to learn, Hard-working, Enterprising, Forward-looking, Innovative, Pioneering for a long time, INFINAIR R&D team has cultivated innovative spirit which has become source for core competitiveness of company.

INFINAIR Research Institute always takes Reliable, Convenient, Novel as the basic concept of product R&D and design. Under the guidance of the spirit and concept, the institute has reached innumerable great achievements, obtained more than 40 patent certificates and won many honors, it has launched many products for the first time in industry, what is more important is that INFINAIR Research Institute takes “at customers’ side” and resolving practical product issues for customer as an important work habit, and thus creates valuable and satisfactory experience, gains full trust of customer. INFINAIR Research Institute will never stop innovating.


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