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Waigang Town held food and drug safety into the enterprise activity, and INFINAIR Wind Turbine stron

In order to further popularize food and drug safety laws and regulations and basic knowledge, improve the public's food and drug safety knowledge level, participation awareness and self-protection ability, and further strengthen the legal awareness, responsibility awareness and integrity awareness of food and drugs of enterprises in Waigang Town, Jiading District, on June 1, 2016, initiated and organized by the Health and Family Planning Office of Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, the "Shanghai Waigang Town Food and Drug Safety Enterprise Activity" was held in Shanghai Nautilus Company (INFINAIR Fan).


International Women's Day theme event

In March of Yangchun, in the beautiful season of this recovery, on the occasion of the 113rd March 8th International Women's Day, in order to protect the rights and interests of female employees and enrich the spiritual life of female employees. On the afternoon of March 7, under the care of the organization of the Federation of Trade Unions of Waigang Town, the company's union led two theme activities.


INFINAIR’s Artistic Vents

Modern buildings are always required to conform to green, health and safety regulations. Also, building aesthetics is a major consideration. INFINAIR’s artistic vents have been developed to combine the both. INFINAIR’s artistic vents stand out for their decorative, beautiful and elegant designs. But more importantly, the vents are functional, producing low noise, large airflow and long throw. They are acid/alkali resistant, flame retardant and mildew-free. All these excellent performance features make the artistic vents the first choice for use in buildings.


Greater Development from a New Starting Point

On November 19, 2020, INFINAIR (Jiangsu) CO., LTD (or INFINAIR (Jiangsu) for short), a wholly owned subsidiary of INFINAIR CORPORATION was officially declared open with the highly anticipated EC fan project launched in Haimen, Nantong. Some important guests, INFINAIR partners and over 100 staff representatives participated in the opening ceremony.


INFINAIR attended IE EXPO CHINA with its smart and innovative product lines

INFINAIR has been serving as a key industry player and takes this as an important opportunity to showcase our product lines well recognized in the market. Ventilation fan exhibits from INFINAIR were such organized as wide attention was attracted and corporate image further improved. Among all the other fans, the BC series and EC series combined with the automatic control system represented the focus of INFINAIR exhibits.


Asia's largest wastewater treatment plant chose INFINAIR as its ventilation solution provider

Located in Shanghai’s southern suburbs close to the estuary of the Yangtze River, the Bailonggang wastewater treatment plant is the largest in Asia with a capacity of up to 2.8 million tons per day. The facility now processes more than one third of the wastewater from Shanghai, China's most populous city.


INFINAIR CORPORATION Sponsors Asia AMCA Annual Regional Meeting 2019 & ASET-Asia (Shanghai)

Asia AMCA Annual Regional Meeting 2019 & ASET-Asia was held at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao on 9th and 10th September. As an Air Movement and Control Association, AMCA has long adhered to non-profit practices, user-oriented industry self-regulation standards and system certification for air handling equipment.


INFINAIR provides professional after-sales service through its specialized subsidiary

DBAX (Shanghai) M&E Maintenance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DBAX), established in 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of INFINAIR CORPORATION in order to provide customers with more high-quality, convenient and efficient maintenance services, specialized in the sales, installation and maintenance of ventilation equipment, air conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, environmental protection equipment, and electromechanical equipment.


INFINAIR supports waste-sorting initiative with real actions

INFINAIR CORPORATION actively participates in the new fashion of waste sorting. Through proper guidance of the top management and internal awareness of employees, waste sorting will gradually be a part of everyday life as a habitual practice. As one of the first pilot units of waste classification in Waigang Town, Jiading District, the director of INFINAIR Human Resources Department said, “At INFINAIR, we will publicize waste sorting and train employees to enable them to change their old habit of indiscriminate waste disposal and cultivate a new habit of waste sorting”.


INFINAIR made a grand appearance at ECOTECH CHINA AIR (SHANGHAI)

The 5th ECOTECH CHINA AIR (SHANGHAI) was successfully held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 3rd to 5th. As the largest professional air technology platform in China, it covered an area of 32,000 square meters and exhibited air purifiers, fresh air systems, related accessories and testing devices.


INFINAIR with its intelligent ventilation solutions at 2019 China Refrigeration

The 30th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage (2019 China Refrigeration) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2019 from April 9th to April 11th.


INFINAIR, Platinum Sponsor of Asia AMCA Technical Seminar

Asia AMCA has held a technical seminar on the 26th & 27th in June 2018 in Singapore. As a leading global nonprofit association, it focuses on building customer-oriented industrial standards and performing certifications for air system equipment. INFINAIR is proud to be one of the platinum sponsors of this event.


INFINAIR Fans Application in Pakistan

This is one of the many overseas applications of INFINAIR fans. The supplied INFINAIR fans are to support wind turbine power generators at a site 110 kilometers away from Karachi.


Outstanding INFINAIR Fans and Great Service for Sinopec Zhenhai Refinery Project

Since 2009, we have had cooperation with INFINAIR in Sinopec Zhenhai Refinery Project. We chose INFINAIR fans, a right choice made through a fair and rigorous tender process. The outstanding service provided by INFINAIR has impressed us a lot.


Outstanding Ventilation Solution Provided by INFINAIR to Dongfeng Yueda KIA Co. Ltd.

Since 2006, our company has built many workshops and used many INFINAIR products, such as gas heating make-up air unit, mixed flow blowers, centrifugal fans, and explosion-proof fans and so on. All the equipment is of high quality and great reliability and has been running smoothly ever since. It has helped to create a good production environment for us and INFINAIR becomes an excellent supplier of ventilation, HVAC and air exchange equipment of our company, which means our cooperation is mutually beneficial.


Phase 2 Project of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Put Into Operation Supported by INFINAIR

We would like to express our thanks to your company for the great support of phase 2 project of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. Over the past year or so, we have felt keenly the dedication and professionalism of services provided by INFINAIR. The values of reliability and convenience are fully embodied in INFINAIR fans.


INFINAIR FANS Bringing Reliability to the Project of Huawei Technologies in Xi'an

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to INFINAIR’s Huawei working group and other relevant departments for their great support of our Xi'an project. Since 2014, we have enjoyed smooth cooperation with your company. In this process, we are deeply impressed by the convenience and reliability INFINAIR fans have brought to our project. The professional spirit and the earnest working style of INFINAIR staff and the reliable products all help consolidate INFINAIR’s position as a leading famous brand.

AMCA Accredited INFINAIR’s Reverberant Room

AMCA Accredited INFINAIR’s Reverberant Room

Air Movement & Control Association, AMCA, recently issued formal documents to INFINAIR CORPORATION, which is to accredit INFINAIR’s newly built 1700 m3 reverberant room located at its headquarter, No. 55 Qingneng Road, Jiading, Shanghai, China.

AMCA International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016 - INFINAIR Sponsor

AMCA International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016 - INFINAIR Sponsor

INFINAIR is the first AMCA member in China. We feel greatly honored to have a chance to be with one of the Chinese representatives.

INFINAIR receives the Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award

INFINAIR receives the Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award

This is the second time for INFINAIR to be rewarded Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark Award after 2013. It means to strengthen the reliability and capacity of INFINAIR to the costumers, doesn't it?

Product value proposition of INFINAI: Reliable, convenient, and novel

Product value proposition of INFINAIR: Reliable, convenient, and novel

At INFINAIR, R&D ability is at the core of our product reliability. Thanks to extensive experience, INFINAIR has mastered CFD, FEA and CAD technology, fundamentally and significantly improving product reliability.



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