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Case Study


The first flight of C919 was successful, what does this imply to INFINAIR!

C919 is a new generation of jet trunk airliner independently developed by China, which began to be developed and produced in 2008. Since 2011, INFINAIR has continued to provide AVIC Shanghai Pudong Assembly Base (C919 large passenger aircraft R&D support project) with a large number of reliable and high-quality ventilation equipment, professional technical consultation and after-sales service.


The western section of Beijing Subway Line 11 was opened, and the "ice and snow train" headed for

Infinair is fortunate to participate in the construction of the Beijing Subway Line 11 project, and from the perspectives of design, construction, equipment and operation, it has carried out energy-saving optimization design, so as to achieve more efficient and continuous ventilation functions and ensure a comfortable environment for passengers.


INFINAIR in Flight - the GMP production base of INNOFORCE Zhejiang

Jianxin Force's advanced therapeutics involve many technical platforms, complex production processes, strict quality control, and high demand for ventilation system protection. According to the personalized customization needs of the project, Infinair provided ventilation system solutions for its production base, using Infine's intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly ventilation equipment.


INFINAIR in Flight – BGI Group Global Headquarters "BGI Space and Time Center" Project

Since its establishment in 1999, the BGI Group has been engaged in a wide range of projects, from the drawing of the "China Volume" of the Human Genome Project to the study of animal and plant genomes, such as rice, panda, pig, chicken, silkworm, etc., and the development of the clinical-grade high-throughput sequencer, a core tool of life science, to gene editing and synthetic biology. From the independent control of clinical high-throughput sequencer, the core tool of life science, to the ac


INFINAIR in Flight --Taikang Home's Multi-region "High-end Healthy Retirement Community" Construc

When it comes to Taikang Home, the medical and nursing community seems to have become its characteristic label. After years of continuous exploration and innovation and dedication to promoting a retirement revolution, Taikang Home's five-in-one new lifestyle of enjoying old age and the core concepts of vitality, culture, health and wisdom have been chosen and recognized by more and more elders.


INFINAIR in Flight --Anhui Yingfa Raynen Technology Co., Ltd. annual output of 20GW PV production ba

Anhui Yingfa RuiNeng Technology Co. Founded in 2016 and located in Chuzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Anhui Province, Yingfa RuiNeng is a new energy enterprise under Yingfa Holding Group Co.


INFINAIR Project: SAIC Roewe manufacturing base

INFINAIR fans are working to provide clean and fresh air. Since August 2008, INFINAIR fans have been serving the SAIC Lingang expansion projects for more than ten years. The extensive and high level cooperation between SAIC Roewe and INFINAIR has confirmed again the quality of INFINAIR fans. INFINAIR provides a systematic and intelligent ventilation system for the Roewe base, from ordinary cooling exhaust in the stamping workshop, to precise post exhaust at the welding station in the body worksh


INFINAIR provides ventilation solutions for Podium Shopping Mall in Philippines

Podium Shopping Mall is located in the Ortigas Central Business District in the Philippines. It is a mixed commercial building covering office, shopping and leisure services. The development area of the project is 26,106 square meters, which will be constructed in two phases. The construction will be completed in 2019. The commercial building has 47 floors above the ground and 6 floors below the ground. Podium Shopping Mall is designed and built by internationally renowned designers, with a clev


INFINAIR provided ventilation and heating solution for Beijing Hyundai Motor's Cangzhou factory

Clean production and environmental protection are emphasized. Green emissions and green logistics from production to transportation are equally important. So the factory owner has set strict requirements on the ventilation system. It is requested to create a comfortable environment for manufacturing workers by providing clean outdoor air and exhausting stale indoor air; Adapting to the cold conditions in the north, the solution should also meet heating needs; Air compressors and industrial air d


INFINAIR provides ventilation solutions for Guangzhou East Tower

Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Center (also known as Guangzhou East Tower) is a skyscraper overlooking the Pearl River. The total height of the building is 530 meters with 5 floors underground and 111 floors above ground. It ranks as the tallest mixed-use skyscraper in Guangzhou, the second tallest building in South China and fifth tallest worldwide.


INFINAIR won the ventilation bid for Corning Gen 10.5 glass substrate project in Wuhan, Hubei Provin

With its leading position in the field of building ventilation, INFINAIR has a great business record of supplying fans to world's leading display glass enterprises, such as Corning. In this project, INFINAIR has won the bid to provide ventilation solutions for Corning with its many years of rich experience in the electronics industry, five-star after-sales service and reliable product quality.


INFINAIR ventilation solution for Corning

Corning is a global leader in specialty glass and ceramic materials. Based on more than 160 years of knowledge in materials science and process technology, Corning has created many glass products for high technology applications. Corning's glass display technology changes human life. In 2016, INFINAIR provided a plant ventilation and process de-dusting solution for the Corning (Hefei) production base.


Wuhan Greenland Center

High-rise fire can spreads fast and it is difficult to evacuate people inside and put off the fire. Due to the complex high-rise structure and huge number of people working there, fire will be hard to be controlled and people get trapped with their lives and belongings threatened. If fire breaks out in super high buildings, it is devastating and thus fire safety is of paramount importance.

Xinzheng Int’l Airport Phase 2

Xinzheng Int’l Airport Phase 2

This video is about a signature airport job of INFINAIR ventilation. We participated and competed the bidding for this ventilation project - Xinzheng Airport in 2014.

The Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plant

The Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plant

With the lack of fossil fuel and aggravation of pollution, nuclear power is the unique new power can be Large-scale applied with great prospect.

INFINAIR fans for the KIA Yancheng Job

INFINAIR fans for the KIA Yancheng Job

The Dongfeng Yueda KIA is an joint-venture of Dongfeng Motor Corporation、Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co. Ltd and Korean KIA Automatic Vehicle.



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