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Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan for AHU - Wheel Type T - YFFCDT

Airflow Range: 1,000~32,000 m³/h

Static Pressure Range: 90~800 Pa

Drive Configurations: Direct

Installation Methods:

Application: Fire & Smoke Extraction, positive-pressure air supply, Spark Resistant

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  • Features
    • -- The forward inclined DWDI wheel has good ability of low noise and reliable running.
    • -- The forward curved wheel has bigger volume comparing with backward curved wheel in the same speed.
    • -- The forward curved wheel has lower speed and lower noise comparing with backward curved wheel in the same working condition.
    • -- Spinning precisely matched Venturi inlets and wheel cones assuring smooth, which further results well rectification effect and low noise.
  • Advanced Technology
  • -- The fan housing is “Pittsburgh” method joined, which results zero air leakage.
    • -- The two pieces of housing side joint at the same one time procedure to improve the accuracy and reduce the dimension of assembly error.
    • -- The blades are made by once punch forming, and dedicated fixture to ensure precise install.
  • Improved Design
    • -- The forward curved wheel precisely designed reinforcing threaded rod make sure long time reliable running.
    • -- The fan is supported by stable channel steel frame, so that stable running of the fan is ensured.
  • High Balancing Level
    • -- Balance level up to G2.5 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only).
    • -- To reduce the vibration of the fan, to improve reliability.
    • -- To reduce the running noise effectively.


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