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Direct-fired Gas Heating Make-up Air Unit (Heating only) - UAH-DG

Maximum Heating Capacity: 1 240 KW

Installation Methods: Engine Room, Outdoor, Rooftop

Applications: Large industrial facility/ Paint workshop, etc


    • Application: Large facility space heating, paint booth, pre-heating of cold air for process usage.
    • Max heating capacity: 1,240 kW.
  • Product Features
    • -- The heating efficiency is as high as 95%, 25% higher than boiler, energy saving and environmental protection.
    • -- CO< 5 PPM during combustion, far below National Standard (50 PPM), safe and reliable.
    • -- Large heating capacity, quickly warm-up, high temperature-rise.
    • -- Easy maintenance, stoker team is no longer needed.
    • -- Turn on/off the unit at any time, low operation cost.
    • -- Low primary investment on fix assets, very convenient to use: compare with steam boiler.


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