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Plug Type Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan - Wheel Type R - YFBCPR

Airflow Range: 800~100,000 m³/h

Static Pressure Range: 200~4,000 Pa

Drive Type: Belt

Installation Methods: Insertion

Applications: It can be directly inserted into the wall or other equipment. It is ideal for high temperature environment such as paint workshop where the paint job of the cars requires drying.

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Optimized Design

The fan adopts advanced technology. The design of backward curved centrifugal wheel is optimized by means of CFD hydro-field simulating. The design is more accordant with the aerodynamic characteristics, high efficiency, and stable airflow.


Advanced Process

All steel laser cut blades are welded and positioned accurately. The overall strength of the blades are designed and welded to withstand long hours high speed operation.


High Balancing Level

Each wheel is subjected to dynamic balance test. The balancing level is kept at G4.0 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only). Durable, stable and quietness are guaranteed.


High Performance Curve

The wheel has a stable, smooth air performance curve which can efficiently avoid performance drop caused by the deviation of the working point.


Surge Protection

The fan shaft power will not exceed the motor rated power regardless the operation point of the stable working range. Customers can use it without any worries.



  • High Reliability
    • -- Backward curved centrifugal wheel with high efficiency wide and non-overload characteristics to ensure operation more safely.
    • -- To be adopted FEA-aided stress and vibration analysis design for high strength and small vibration, bring about a result that long-time running more stable.
    • -- When the temperature of -20-250℃, the fan flow surface (impeller、 optional volute) adopts the high quality carbon steel Q345B; When the temperature of 250-450℃, the fan flow surface adopts 304 stainless steel.
    • -- The bearing holes both sides of the box body were processed once, therefore the bearings coaxial degree are good, and the bearing life is long to ensure long-term continuous operation.
    • -- Insulation board, protect transmission from the influence of high temperature condition, improve the transmission group life.
    • -- Fan shaft is subjected to finish turning & hardening and tempering. Maximum load surpasses 35% of limit speed.
  • Convenience
    • -- Belt drive: precise and adjustable, selection up to the requirements of design conditions.
    • -- The motor and bearing box were installed in side of the insulation board for easy installation and maintenance.
    • -- The bearing box equips with lard cavity to ensure bearings oil bath lubrication, Its cooling effect is very good and application of temperature from -20℃ to 450℃.
    • -- Oil cavity mirror design make fuel oil change intuitive and convenient.
  • High Efficiency
    • -- Optimized design repeatedly of CFD flow field simulation to ensure aerodynamic performance complied with the flow field characteristics.
    • -- Standard equipped INFINAIR bearing box, the shaft damage is small and the transmission efficiency is higher.
    • -- Venturi inlet design as optional matched front disc precisely to avoid turbulent flow and air leakage ,so that the air flow more smoothly to improve aerodynamic performance.
    • -- The volte design as optional to further improve efficiency. The fan efficiency grades up to FEG80 (AMCA 205).


  • Fan Type

    The fan shall be single-inlet with steel backward curved centrifugal wheel. The drive type shall be direct drive, coupling drive and belt drive. Structure of the fan shall be undone easily for maintenance and cleaning


    Quality Standards

    The Design and manufacture of the fans are in compliance with the following standards:

    ü  JB/T 10563-2006(Technical Specification for General Purposes Centrifugal Fans)

    ü  JB/T 9101-1999 (Fan Rotor Balance)

    ü  JB/T 6445-2005(Over speed Test for Industrial Fan Impeller)

    ü  JB/T AMCA210-99 (Laboratory Testing & Fans Evaluation Method)

    ü  JB/T 10213-2000(Technical Specification for Fan Welding Inspection)

    ü  GB/T 19074-2003 (Industrial Ventilation Fans- Mechanical Safety Standard for the protection case)



    The wheel shall be steel backward-bladed centrifugal and fully welded. The wheel shall be statically and dynamically balanced to level G4.0 in compliance with ISO standard 1940. Steady air-flow and noise should be minimal when the wheel is operating at the maximum allowable speed. The performance of the fan will not be affected because of the special characteristics of the wheel.


    Fan Housing

    The fan housing shall be made in steel and its thickness and strength should be able to withstand the maximum running weight of the fan. The volute shall be continuously welded and equipped with access door for removing possible foreign objects entered into the scroll.



    Fan inlet shall be aerodynamic design round curved section to transit the air to the wheel cone smoothly, it shall have good commutated effect to reduce turbulence, improve fan efficiency and reduce noise.



    Fan surface shall be polished and cleaned up to remove particulates, welding slag, burrs, sharp edge, iron, oil, then epoxy coating or high temperature coating for high temperature environments use, fan surface shall be free of sags, wrinkle, blisters, exposed metal or peeling after coating. It shall be no corrosion and rust at least 10 years in allowable working condition.


    Belt drive and Coupling drive

    Fan shaft shall be heat treated through soaking furnace to the hardness level between HB250-280, and the maximum load should be 35% higher than the maximum fan operational speed. Two bearings should be used to support the fan shaft. The service lifespan of them should be longer than L-10: 80,000 hours at the maximum operating speed. It should be sealed and lubricated under normal temperature. The pulley shall be made of cast-iron and its construction size is determined corresponding to 130% of the driving power. The pulley and belt should be furnished with cover. The coupling shall be elastic coupling with cover as well. The safety of conveying power and torsion shall meet the design requirements.



    Motor is carefully matched to the fan load, protection level IP54, and insulation class F. Motor ball bearings are used and lubricated. Motor and drives are isolated from the air stream to avoid grease or dirt accumulation.


    Explosion-proof Structure (Only for explosion-proof type)

    Fan shall conform to Spark C explosion-proof structure according to AMCA99 Standard. The inlet shall mount copper ring and the motor shall adopt explosion-proof type. The whole fan should own CNEX certification and the manufacturer must own the production license for anti-explosion electric products.



    Aluminum manufacturer name plates each containing serial number and model type are mounted permanently on all fan bodies. All name plates are traceable by customers.



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