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Circular Centrifugal Fan - OCD

Airflow Range: 0~1,750 m³/h

Static Pressure Range: 40~700 Pa

Drive Configurations: Direct

Installation Methods: Duct

Applications: Low airflow/ Offices/ Conference room air processing

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  • Convenient and Functional
    • -- Double-ring groove sealing design:, structure is more compact, higher capacity ,quieter ,space for installation is smaller.
    • -- Adjustment speed:Motor has variable speed control, user may adjust different volume as required.
    • -- Easy installation :Standard equipped with duct clips and installment bracket for easily installation, suitable for long duct.
  • Safe and Reliable
    • -- Reliable and durable:Housing is in the material of high strength galvanized sheet, with surface coating treatment.
    • -- Over heating protection:All motor equipped with over-temperature protection device ensure running safety and reliable.
    • -- Application range: building, marine, hotel, home, office occasion as a long duct booster fan. Max Volume is 1,656m3/h, Max Static pressure is 700Pa.Eight model selection totally, suitable for diameter Ф80~Ф315 duct installation.


  • Fan Type

    The fan shall be in-line centrifugal type.

  • Blades

    Blades shall be designed and developed according to hydromechanical principle and analytic method to realize large volume, high pressure, and low noise.

  • Housing

    Housing shall be prefabricated galvanized steel.

  • Motor

    Motor protection level is IP44, and motor shall have overheated protector.



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