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Fully Mixed Flow Fan - YFIMF

Airflow Range: 1,000~100,000 m³/h

Static Pressure Range: 100~2 150 Pa

Drive Configurations: Direct, Belt

Installation Methods: Rooftop/ Base Mount/ Ceiling Hung

Applications: Ducted/ Fire & Smoke/ Explosion Resistant

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  • Brand New Wheel Design
  • The inlet bell and the shroud cover are precisely connected, minimizing the backflow and leakage caused by pressure difference.

  • Advanced Design

    Unique airflow characteristics. Our engineers have repeatedly optimized the wheel with countless CFD simulations.


Advanced Fabrication


The wheel and other fixtures are made from a special designed mold and are continuously welded. Ensuring maximum strength is maintained.


High Balancing Level


The balancing level of the wheel is up to G2.5 (AMCA 204) which is much higher than the standard G6.3 required internationally. Stability is greatly increased thus lowering the vibrations and noise.


Lowest Noise Level

The YFIMF has the lowest noise level over the axial and the centrifugal fan. 






  • Performance Characteristics

    The mixed flow fan has larger air volume over the centrifugal fan and higher air pressure over the axial fan. When placing them under the same working conditions, the mixed flow fan has more advantages over the others in terms of performance and noise level.

High Efficiency

The design of the wheel and guide vane has been repeatedly optimized to assure high efficiency, leakage free and low turbulence.


Better Sound Proofing

The noise of the mixed flow fan is determined by its structural design and changes in acoustical power (see fig. below). The noise generated in each air volume segment is much lower than the axial and centrifugal fan with low acoustical level (62.5-250Hz).


Flexible Direct or Belt Driven Option

-- Direct driven type has six different blade angles available for selection. A solid low maintenance product designed for delivering efficient air flow.

-- Belt driven type has effective blade angle. Since the motor is located outside, maintenance work or replacement can be carried out easily.


Comprehensive Functionality

Application:    Normal, explosion resistant, fire & smoke and laboratory air supply/ exhaust.

Installation:    Ground mount, ceiling hung, rooftop.




  • Fan Type

    Fan type shall be inline mixed flow fan, belt driven.



    Multiple blade angles shall be available to suit various operating environment. The wheel shall contain a shroud cover and a hemispherical back plate. It shall reach the static and dynamic balancing level of G2.5 per AMCA 204 standard. The wheel and fan inlet shall be carefully matched and shall have precise running tolerances for maximum performance and operating efficiency.


    Quality Standards

    The fan performance shall be tested in accordance with AMCA Publications 210 and 300 in an AMCA accredited laboratory and certified for air and sound performance. Fans shall be licensed to bear the AMCA ratings seal for air performance (AMCA 210) and sound performance (AMCA 300). Manufacturer shall own the national manufacturing license together with internationally recognized Quality Management System (ISO 9001) standard.



    The surface of the aerodynamically designed inlet shall be steamlined and smoothened to ensure the most economical air performance can be achieved. It shall improve the fan efficiency while reducing turbulence and noise.   



    3D curved steel guide vanes shall be aerodynamically placed within the hub to minimize turbulence and aid in recover the rotating energy imparted to the air. The hub shall be able to improve the air performance and static pressure efficiency. 

    The fan shall use double tubular housing design, i.e. Inner and outer tube where they are connected via the blades. 


    Fan Material

    The fan housing shall be completely welded. The minimum thickness of the steel housing shall be 2mm.


    Surface Coating

    The surface of the fan shall be cleaned thoroughly, free of cracks and finished with electrostatic epoxy coating. No uncoated fan parts shall be allowed. 

  • For Belt Drive:


  • Shaft

    The material of the fan shaft shall be 40Cr steel with the hardness level between HB250-280. Its maximum loading shall be 25% larger than the maximum RPM of the fan.



    The wheel shall be mixed flow design. The wheel shall be dynamically balanced to G2.5 per AMCA standard. It shall be fabricated with continuously welded steel foils.

  • Pulleys

    The pulleys shall be iron casted to provide long life and durability. They shall be factory set to the required RPM and adjustable for final system balancing. Drive belts and pulleys shall be sized for 150% of the fan operating brake horsepower, and shall be readily and easily accessible for service, if required.



    Belt shall be oil resistant and static free.



    Standard bearings shall be ball or roller type, grease lubricated with a basic rating fatigue life (L-10), in excess of 80,000 hours at each level’s maximum operating speed. Renowned brand name such as FYH and SKF shall be used to ensure reliability.


    Extended Lube Lines

    Lubrication lines with grease fittings shall allow bearing lubrication without dismounting the fan.


    Motor Base

    After fabrication, the steel made base shall be cleaned and remove all grease, oil, scale, etc. It shall then be finished with powder coating to prevent corrosion. 


    Belt Cover

    It shall be semi-closed belt guard to prevent injuries. It shall be designed to allow easy access to the belt and pulleys for servicing.



    The B3 Motor shall be carefully matched to the fan load. It shall be mounted out of the airsteam. It shall be IP54 dust and water protection class; insulation class shall be F and temperature tolerance shall be class B. It shall be equipped with electrostatic epoxy coated rain cover for outdoor operation. 

  • For Direct Drive:


  • Shaft

    The material of the fan shaft shall be 40Cr steel with maximum hardness level of HB286. The maximum tolerance pressure shall be 550MPa. Balancing tests shall be performed together with the wheel.




    The B3 Motor shall be carefully matched to the fan load. It shall be mounted out of the airsteam. It shall be IP54 dust and water protection class; insulation class shall be F and temperature tolerance class B. It shall be equipped with electrostatic epoxy coated rain cover for outdoor operation. Since the motor is inside the housing, manufacturer shall provide wiring connection box. It shall be made according to the operation conditions of the fan.


  • Spark Resistant (Options)

    Spark-resistant designs shall be available for applications that involve flammable gases. The fan shall be constructed per AMCA 99 Type C.


    Fire and Smoke Certification (Fire & Smoke Extraction & Control only)

    It shall pass the tests as described in the TUV SUD certification requirements for fire & smoke removal duty which it shall maintain normal operation for 120 minutes under the temperature of 300.



    A permanent nameplate shall be mounted onto the fan with its serial number (a unique number for each machine), model number and product number clearly engraved on it.




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