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Hooded Modular Gravity Ventilator - VHR

Airflow Range: 2,160~237,362 m³/h

Installation Methods: Rooftop

Applications: Commercial buildings/ Industrial factories

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 Product Features

  • -- Heavy gauge galvanized steel support members provide additional structural strength, Wind, earthquake & snow-resistant.
  • -- Hoods with patented technology are strong enough to handle snow loads, the Key to the hood’s strength and rigidity is in the design of the arched hood panels; Broad range of hoods design effectively prevents supplying with water.
  • -- 2″filter is available (Apply to duct system only).
  • -- Galvanized steel birdscreens prevent debris into workshop.
  • -- Low profile design reduces snow and wind load automatically as well as hood own resistance to smooth the airflow, better ventilation effect.
  • -- Hoods of unlimited length can be constructed on the job site. This also represents a cost saving in working with single roof penetration. Hood panel can be paralleled connected to enlarge ventilation area, and ventilation can also be paralled connected to form much larger ventilation area.
  • -- Hinged hood shall be opened directly & filtersshall be maintained & replaced easily.
  • -- The base shall be added with curb cap for easy installation.
  • -- The hood shall be added with fire-retardant insulation to prevent condensation.


 Typical Application

  • -- Industrial workshop gravity rooftop exhaust.
  • -- Inlet/outlet of duct system.
  • -- Outlet chamber of heat-producing appliance.
  • -- Outlet for pressurized industrial building.
  • -- Inlet for negative pressurized industrial building.
  • -- Inlet of workstation make up air.


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