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Roof Turbine Gravity Ventilator - VTR

Airflow Range: 256~6,113 m³/h

Installation Methods: Rooftop

Applications: Commercial buildings/ Industrial factories

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 Product Features

  • -- The shaft is low resistance and high efficiency.
  • -- The life span is L10 80000 hours without lubricating.
  • -- The unit keeps running under the wind velocity less than 2m/s.
  • -- Low profile blades, elegant lines Smooth airflow.
  • -- Stainless steel scroll wheel, corrosion and rust resistant.
  • -- With integral variable-angle neck, angle can be adjusted if the curb is not flat.
  • -- The hood is flexibile ,stale running. Special design of fan blades enlarges the contacted area and angle with wind. The rotation power shall be strengthed in the wind; The high speed scroll produces even bigger centrifugal force and stirs the air to form negative pressure, making the airflow rate speeds up to ensure good effect of ventilation.
  • -- Integral curb cap prevents leakage and for easy installation.
  • -- The elegant silver design of the unit complements any building’s appearance.
  • -- Scroll hood is compacted with throat for preventing rain into room.


 Typical Application

  • -- Industrial workshop gravity rooftop exhaust.
  • -- Inlet/outlet of duct system.
  • -- Outlet chamber of heat-producing appliance.
  • -- Outlet for pressurized industrial building.
  • -- Inlet for negative pressurized industrial building.
  • -- Inlet of workstation make up air.


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