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Sidewall Exhaust Fan - WEX

Airflow Range: 400~29 000 m³/h

Static Pressure Range: 40~300 Pa

Drive Configurations: Direct

Installation Methods: Wall mount

Applications: Wall exhaustion/ Explosion-resistant

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  • 250-600mm

    General type wheel with external rotor motor.

  • 250-550mm

    Explosion resistant aluminum wheel (aluminum belongs to non-ferrous metal and the explosion resistant class of fan is Spark C as AMCA-99 standard with the use of explosion resistant motor).

  • 600-900mm

    -- Steel wheel for both general and explosion resistant application (As explosion resistant, the matching inlet venturi is aluminum which belongs to nonferrous metal and the explosion resistant class of fan is Spark C as AMCA-99 standard with the use of explosion resistant motor).

  • Stress analyze tested: reliable strength for long time running
    • -- Computer aided stress analyze.
    • -- Strengthen slots properly located: according to repeating test.
    • -- Blade end vibration effectively reduced.
    • -- Prevent blade distortion or breaking after long time running.
  • Forward sweeping blades: advanced design
    • -- Optimized according to aero-dynamic simulation.
    • -- Wheel balancing level G2.5 (AMCA).
    • -- The blade surface is fluent and streamline, cut into air progressively.
    • -- The blade edge angle is properly designed, help reducing turbulence when air break away.
    • -- Low noise is kept under large volume.


  • Simple Installation
    • -- Small size, simple structure, light and stable running.
    • -- Motor is inside of air stream: effective cooling extended motor life.
    • -- Lubricating free motor: maintenance free unit suitable for installing on high wall.
    • No belt: no need to climb high to replace belt from time to time.
  • Square Housing
    • -- Square opening in concrete, brick or steel wall: easier.
    • -- Single layer steel wall with horizontal support beam: simple and reliable.
  • Full Range of Accessories 
    • -- Standard accessories: 45°weatherhood and stainless steel bird screen (for WEX air exhaust), 90°weatherhood and stainless steel insect screen (for WSP air supply), safety protective screening and stainless steel fastener.
    • -- Optional accessories: gravity back-draft damper, casing with epoxy spray coating and explosion resistant structure.


  • Fan Type

    Fan shall be rooftop centrifugal exhaust type with aluminum backward inclined centrifugal wheel. The inlet Venturi shall have round curved section to smoothly transit the air to the wheel cone. The wheel shall be statically and dynamically balanced to Level G2.5 as per AMCA204 standard.

  • Quality Standards

    The fan shall be tested in accordance with AMCA Standard 210 and 300. The manufacturer must own the production license for industrial products and ISO9001 quality system authentication.

  • Fan Housing

    Fan housing shall be square, constructed of galvanized steel panel (option: epoxy powder coated). Motor supporting structure shall be strong enough to avoid resonance during operation. A safety mesh shall be installed in the indoor side to prevent debris into the fan. Outside is with 45 degree weatherhood and stainless steel birdscreen to prevent rainwater and birds into workshop.

  • Explosion-proof Structure (Only for explosion-proof type)

    Fan shall conform to Spark C explosion-proof structure according to AMCA99 Standard. Explosion resistant sidewall fan: Type (size: 250~550) is aluminum wheel, inlet venturi is per aluminum. Type (size: 600~900) is steel wheel, inlet venturi is aluminum, The motor shall adopt explosion-proof type. The whole fan should own CNEX certification and the manufacturer must own the production license for anti-explosion electric products.

  • Motor

    External rotor motor shall be IP44, internal rotor motor shall be IP54, insulation class F, Motor shall be inside the airstream for cooling. The wiring location of motor depends on customer and the length of outer wiring will be at least half a meter.

  • Nameplate

    Permanently fixed aluminum nameplate shall be fixed on fan body clearly display fan mark, product model and serial number (i.e.: unique ID for each fan), so that the customer can use this number to find out the parts used.

  • Acceptable Manufacturers

    Qualified suppliers shall have an AAA credit rating. Providing INFINAIR or similar products, with their design based on WEX models of INFINAIR.



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