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Why dynamic balancing is so important for fans?

Balancing is a standard manufacturing process for each every fan from INFINAIR. It is actually a process of adding (or removing) mass in a plane or planes on an impeller, to move the center of gravity towards the axis of rotation. By doing so, the fan would generate less noise and vibration during running.

Why dynamic balancing is so important, and so carefully maintained? Because excessive imbalance would cause vibration, and vibration generates damages, and noise. Possible damages include abrasion of bearings or belts, shorter motor life, wasting power, and if it can’t be adjusted in time, the complete fan or related system might fail.

As a responsible fan manufacturer, INFINAIR balance each fan impeller to allowable residual unbalance prior to assembly of the unit. The unbalance level is G2.5 for small fans or G4.0 for centrifugal fans typically.

G2.5 or G4.0 are defined in the technical specification of the INFINAIR product catalogues, and are based on AMCA Standard 204. AMCA 204 establishes allowable residual unbalance based on the balance quality grade, impeller weight and impeller rotational speed.


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