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INFINAIR – Your Fan Tailor

Welcome to INFINAIR.


This video is about how INFINAIR tailor make fans and motors. Furthermore, it is more about how we will satisfy your needs.


We believe that during every stage of customization, face-to-face communication is very important. As our agents and partners in your country or state, are always happy to clarify the basic needs.

Then our professional engineers can discuss the application needs together with you on line.

Want to make sure both of us deeply understand the detail? We discuss that with you to establish a draft specification, this is the most efficient way to communicate we believe.

Once your needs are clarified, INFINAIR’s in house CFD (computational fluid dynamics) technology can accurately simulate the air volume, pressure and energy consumption for you. This aerodynamic performance simulation can effectively reduce the try out time and related cost.

Furthermore, INFINAIR FEA (finite element analysis) technology will verify the reliability of the structure, as well as the strength of the material to be utilized.

This can reasonably reduce your product cost and increase reliability.

Our lab is the first lab in Mainland China accredited by AMCA. And it is also listed as a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service) according to ISO Standard 17025 by Chinese authorities.

Supported by the lab, INFINAIR can quickly verify air volume, air pressure, power, efficiency, vibration, electric magnetic character, and reliability for you as one stop solution.

This is actually the fastest way to iterate customized products.

Compare with start from nothing, INFINAIR prepared more than 30 wheel platforms readily available for you.

Beside those, thousands of molds ensured the reliability, as well as large scale manufacturing once the specification are confirmed.

And, all accessories like shaft, wheel disk, inlet cone, motor support structure are all modularized. You can easily modify or replace them without costing too much.

INFINAIR’s manufacturing system is well designed to fit customization.

Your order does not have to be a large batch. Instead, small batch and multi type, we will try to handle that for you in the early stage to make things happen.

According to specific needs, the product can be produced on conventional line, or independently on a special line, depends on which is reasonable for you.

Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us online.


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