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INFINAIR Fans Application in Pakistan

This is one of the many overseas applications of INFINAIR fans. The supplied INFINAIR fans are to support wind turbine power generators at a site 110 kilometers away from Karachi.


Wind power represents an important part in infrastructure development and one of the most promising internationally recognized renewable energy sources. Many nations attach great importance to wind power generation, willing to make active investments. Wind turbine power generators made in China enjoy growing popularity in global markets with increasingly mature product quality.   


As the wind turbine power generator runs, much heat will be produced and needs to be dissipated through an effective mechanical ventilation system so that the equipment can deliver continuous reliability in a well-ventilated and stable environment. Typically, for large wind turbine power generators to operate smoothly, they shall be supported by customized fans in line with the actual working conditions.  


It is no accident that INFINAIR fans are singled out.   


Products of International Quality Standards


INFINAIR seeks to have fans always up to international quality standards, which also meet customer requirements. Initially set up in 2006, INIFIAIR laboratory has since been reworked and enlarged. Now it is an AMCA accredited laboratory, including two huge wind chambers (test airflow of 200,000 CMH), one small wind chamber (test airflow of 30,000 CMH) and one reverberant room of1,700m3 for testing fan sound. Besides, the laboratory boasts various testing capabilities.


The complete product portfolio has been awarded international certifications (AMCA, TUV, CE, ATEX, UL). This is also what makes INFINAIR fans the best choice for customers.


Over the years, INFINAIR has won the trust of customers with its reliable and highly efficient products. What is more, the professional and convenient customization services have been widely acclaimed.


Customization Services


The outstanding customization services are made possible by INFINAIR’s rich industrial experience, strong R&D ability, modular component platform and agile manufacturing capacity. The professional engineers from INFINAIR will provide fast and high quality solutions and deliver fans tailor-made to customer requirements.  


Extraordinary customer experience is what we at INFINAIR are aiming for. 


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