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INFINAIR Signature Job - The Second Hospital of Anhui Medical University

The Second Hospital of Anhui Medical University, covering an area of 280,000㎡ is an upper first-class hospital based in Hefei Economic Development Zone. With 30 clinical departments and 1,600 beds, the hospital serves 1.2 million Outpatient and Emergency patients annually on average.The 1.2 million patients together with their relatives and all the hospital staff are hustling on and on in the huge hospital buildings.


Ventilation is vitally important to each and every member of them.


In the open tender for ventilation solution provider in 2015, the hospital chose INFINAIR as the bid winner for its rich experience and great reputation in building ventilation.
INFINAIR provides a customized solution in view of the specific characteristics in a hospital setting, such as constant movement of people, different functioning areas and possible cross infections.


1. Distributed Ventilation Design


The specification has it that the hospital buildings shall be segmented into Clean Area, Sub-Clean Area and Unclean Area with the differential pressure well managed. INFINAIR engineers chose ventilation solution carefully based on the differential pressure of airflow. Different fan types were offered to ensure the performance curves could accommodate various operating points and the airflow delivery could be properly controlled.


2. Micro Negative Pressure to Avoid Virus Transmission


The ventilation system featuring micro negative pressure ensures that more room air is exhausted than supplied. Air is delivered from the Clean Area to Unclean Area through windows or doors so that virus transmission can be avoided.


3. Filter Units


Apart from the mechanical ventilation system, there shall be filter sections added to exhaust fans for special needs in the hospital. Filter units of INFINAIR fans use aluminum alloy structure that has high strength and light weight and won’t rust or corrode. The modular design makes freely assembled units and the access door makes easy cartridge replacement. Primary, medium and high efficiency levels of filters are available for various needs.


4. Great Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption


INFINAIR Inline Square Centrifugal Fan ISQ, Inline Centrifugal Cabinet Fan YFICK and High Efficient Inline Vane Axial Fan YFIAM among others feature large airflow and great efficiency. During long hours of equipment running in the hospital, reliable operation and low energy consumption can be ensured. Also, costs subsequent to acquisition are saved and payback period reduced.


5. i-Control System


Together with the i-Control system, INFINAIR is ready to offer more ventilation solutions depending on actual applications.
Acting on the concept of future development that features environmental protection and Connected Intelligence, INFINAIR i-Control system uses smart sensors to combine with the ventilation system. The i-Control system exercises automatic adjustment, remote monitoring and centralized control to create a healthy and favorable room environment.


Your trust is what drives INFINIAIR forward. Our customers in the medical circle include Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Soochow University, Hefei BOE Hospital, Yuncheng Central Hospital, People’s Hospital of Pinghu (Shenzhen), General Hospital of FAW Group (Changchun) and People’s Hospital of Gaochun (Nanjing) , to name just a few.


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