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A signature job of INFINAIR in Wanli Tires

1. Introduction

This video is about one of the signature projects showing how INFINAIR overcame various challenges in the tires industry.

Wanli Tire Corporation, with annual capacity of 16 million tires, is one of the largest radial tire manufacturer in southern China.In 2016,Wanli built another new manufacturing plant in Hefei city to satisfy the booming market.Waves of advanced technologies were deployed within the new workshops, such as assembling, parts, curing, quality control, etc.

2. The Challenge

Tires are manufactured according to very complicated processes. Begin with rubber, carbon black and chemical, numerous processes have to be well taken care of to assure the critical quality demand for the cars on the road.To meet the ventilation specifications for air circulation and maximize airflow efficiency are just fundamental here. The extremely high operating temperatures in both assembling and curing workshops are critical.

During the sulfuration and curing processes, the tires are treated around 170℃ and high pressure, which are generating heat, steam and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).We have to provide reliable solution which can quickly transfer the heat, steam and VOCs generated to the air treatment system.Furthermore, the above contaminations are generated very quickly to a peak high value when the tires are depressurized.

3. The Solution

INFINAIR’s powerful backward curved single inlet centrifugal fans (wheel type L, fan model: YFBCSL) were selected to maintain optimum operating temperature in the workshops. The fans were interconnected to the air treatment system.

In mean time, large numbers of INFINAIR roof top centrifugal fans (model: RTC) were installed to maintain air temperature and air quality for workers’ comfort.

4. The Results

After more than one year of uninterrupted operation, our fans have demonstrated excellent performance in all aspects. We believe the numerous appraisals from relevant departments of Wanli are convincing.

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