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Metro Fan-Vane Axial Type - YFMRT

INFINAIR’s Metro/ Tunnel Axial fan- YFMRT and YFMRT(R) (Reversible)One of the solutions in solving the traffic problems in metropolitan areas is the implementation of subway system. It can carry a large number of commuters to and from their destinations in a short period of time. To be able to keep the air in the subway breathable, a series of tunnel fans and air shafts are installed to circulate air.


INFINAIR’s tunnel fans include:


Metro/ Tunnel Axial fan - YFMRT

Metro/ Tunnel Axial fan (Reversible) - YFMRT(R)

Jet Fan – YFTNV


This video is the introduction of the YFMRT series. The maximum air volume is 980,000 m3/h and the air pressure is 2800 Pa.


Reliability is INFINAIR’s core value.


The blade is the key factor. It is aluminum alloy casted and has been optimized by FEA technology. Air performance is repeatedly tested in our state-of-the art AMCA and CNAS accredited laboratory. In addition, the blades are designed with aerodynamic design technology for aerospace, air movements are closely monitored and optimized repeatedly. Streamlined guide vanes are also added to improve the air performance and lower the noise level.Thermal expansion has been carefully tested to ensure normal operation under the temperature of 280 degrees Celsius. The products have also obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCCf) for continuous operation for one hour under 280 degrees Celsius.


Thanks to the INFINAIR’s laboratory, it has provided valuable testing data for our engineers to create the YFMRT and YFTNV into reliable products.A series of tests such as mechanical performance, vibration, and air performance are performed on each wheel before leaving the factory.


YFMRT (R) (Reversible)


YFMRT (R) is designed to keep acceptable air quality and guarantee safety in the tunnel. In case of fire, the airflow direction of the YFMRT (R) is reversible to provide sufficient velocity and direction for controlling the spread of smoke and heat. Airflow direction can be changed within 30 seconds.


Anti-surge Design


When trains pass through the tunnel, it generates piston effect which is based on the formation of the piston wind and the vertical airflow distribution. In order to prevent the fan to stall and surge, anti-surge devices are used for this scenario. INFINAIR’s patented anti-surge devices are designed to work against the piston effect, ensuring good fan performance without surging.


Simple Installation


The motor lubricant can be easily refilled through the lubrication line located outside of the fan. Moreover, because of its direct driven nature, wear and tear components are absent, lowering the operation cost.


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