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INFINAIR i-Control System

Our company is highly professional in ventilation and ventilation control system.INFINAIR offers a one-stop solution combining both the ventilation equipment and relevant automatic control system.The professional neat wiring, the advanced production facilities and the rigorous quality assurance system all contribute to the high-quality INFINAIR i-Control automatic control cabinets that use carefully-chosen reliable electric components. 
The model selection and customized integration of INFINAIR i-Control cabinets are aided by a specialized software. Based on customized needs, a giant intelligent knowledgebase is integrated with the selected ventilation equipment into the same software. Their intelligent binding not only is highly automatic but also enables the knowledgebase to be updated dynamically with any new changes made in the selected equipment. 
Our programmers are more than just programmers. They know well the correlations between speed, power, torsion and vibration as well as the fundamental difference between frequency variation and guide vane regulation. 
This helps ensure the organic integration between operation methods and the equipment through configuration programming.  
For example, upon detection of excessive CO or NOx concentrations in the tunnel, the sensor will send the signal to i-Control system. Through intelligent identification, the system networks the fans in specific regions dynamically and ensures an environment for safe driving can be created rapidly by coordinated effective operation of the fans.
The i-Control system can do a lot more for you. The rich experience in ventilation systems and deep understanding of complicated onsite conditions represent its core competitive edge.The actual operating conditions are always more complex than those in design. 
How to shift the operating point smoothly without surging or stalling as the system load changes?How to minimize the impact when starting up the fan on the power grid? How can fewer control cabinets be used to reduce cost? 
We can provide solutions and help you forestall these issues. INFINAIR is your best choice if you see beyond your current needs and work to meet future requirements of the Made in China 2025 strategy and the Internet of Things. 
The i-Control system can be well integrated with your Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Production Control System and ensure the system-level operational performance and greater efficiency, which represents the strength of the i-Control system. INFINAIR owns subsidies specialized in acquisitioning, screening and transforming such data as performance, temperature and vibration. They also excel in the remote diagnosis of faults, analysis of efficiency, monitoring of energy conservation, early warning of equipment fatigue and prevention. 
All these valuable data constitute the most reliable sources of industrial big data and are vitally important for building the Internet of Things or for the more effective running of the BIM system. INFINAIR i-Control system is always your best choice whether you are constructing a green building, municipal public works or a new factory featuring intelligent manufacturing.
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