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Tunnel Ventilation Fan - Jet Type - YFTNV

As urban areas expand fast worldwide, infrastructure is scaling up with an increasing number of metro and road tunnel projects being built.  Just relying on the natural ventilation system can never ensure good air quality in the tunnel. The accumulated hazardous exhaust gases can only be eliminated through an effective mechanical ventilation system for a safe and healthy environment. 


Based on a comprehensive survey of domestic as well as international metro tunnel projects, the INFINAIR jet fan Model YFTNV is designed through INFINAIR’s independent research and development efforts. The design, production and testing procedures conform to JB/T 10489-2004 Technical Specification for Tunnel Jet Fans. It is featuring high thrust, great efficiency, low sound, good reliability and high temperature resistance.       

1. High Thrust

 YFTNV jet fans are designed with a maximum thrust of 3,500 N, which has reached an advanced international level.


2. Great Efficiency

The impeller represents the core component of a fan. Mounted with airfoil blades of great efficiency and low sound, the impellers of YFTNV jet fans have hubs and blades made of high-strength die-cast aluminum alloys. Each impeller has undergone heat treatment, X-ray flaw detection and dynamic balancing tests to ensure reliable quality.The adjustable blade angles and streamlined nozzle help improve flow filed and efficiency.


3. Low Sound     

Silencers are attached to YFTNV jet fans at both the inlet and outlet for effective sound reduction. The outer shell is rolled and welded with quality steel sheets. Insulation material with super fine glass fiber is placed inside the silencers between the alkali-free fibrous glass cloth on the outside and a perforated steel inner liner. 


4. High Temperature Resistance

The high temperature resistance level is one of the key factors for safe metro tunnel operation. Jet fans Model YFTNV have obtained CCCf (China Compulsory Certification for fans) certification and can run for a straight hour at 280 degrees, making them well suited for emergency smoke extraction.    


5. Good Reliability 

The tests on performance, thrust, high temperature resistance, sound, vibration spectrum and operation of YFTNV jet fans conform to national and industrial standards. All these tests have helped ensure reliable performance and quality.Based on the forward and reverse rotation test, the rotation of YFTNV(R) fans can be reversed smoothly to the rated speed within 30 seconds. 


We know that the ventilation system shall be well planned and reasonably configured from a long-term perspective. Jet fans Model YFTNV together with our uni-directional tunnel axial fans YFMRT and reversible YFMRT(R) form a complete product portfolio for metro tunnel ventilation.  


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