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INFINAIR Inline Square Mixed Flow Fan - Wheel Type H Model-YFISH

INFINAIR fans Series YFISH are of a highly efficient and patented mixed flow type that holds a leading industry position.      


【Large Airflow and Great Efficiency】

The maximum airflow is 135,000 m3/h (79,412 CFM) and static pressure 1,700 Pa (6.8 in W.G.). With optimum sound performance, YFISH fans are especially suitable for use in commercial buildings where low sound and great efficiency are preferred, such as office buildings, hospitals, schools and concert halls.   

The mixed flow fan takes on intermediate performance characteristics between the axial and centrifugal fan. It allows greater airflow than the inline centrifugal fan and produces higher pressure than the axial fan under the same operating conditions. 


【Patented Mixed Flow Wheel of Great Efficiency and Non-overloading】

The design of INFINAIR Wind Hunter Series mixed flow wheel is optimized through CFD flow field simulation and repeated tests for optimum air performance. Compared with the traditional mixed flow wheel, efficiency gets dramatically improved and sound reduced. Its balance quality grade reaches G2.5 as per AMCA 204. 

The mixed flow wheel includes a streamlined inlet cone to reduce air leakage and turbulence, improve efficiency and lower sound. 


【Better Sound Quality: Lower Sound Power】 

The sound quality of YFISH fans benefits from the aerodynamic structure as well as the reduced overall sound power. The mixed flow fan has a much lower sound level than the axial fan and centrifugal fan of same outlet diameters at all octave bands. Moreover, its sound mostly falls into the low octave band (62.5 - 250 HZ) and a bystander would just hear a more bland sound.


【Light-weight Housing Constructed of Aluminum Alloy】

The aesthetically pleasing housing constructed of aluminum alloy features high strength, light weight and tight sealing. Also, acoustical options can be customized for further improved performance, including soundproofing egg crate foam wall tiles or double layer soundproofing structure.

The compact design without scroll makes YFISH fans more space-saving and more cost-effective.   


【Fans in Direct and Belt Drive Types for Flexible Model Selection】

The mixed flow YFISH fans are available in both direct drive and belt drive types, offering more choices for model selection. The square design and variable discharge directions help meet various design needs, making onsite installation easier and more convenient. YFISH fans are CCCf (China Compulsory Certification for Fire-fighting products) certified to perform the smoke removal duty (The Ex Certificate of Conformity will soon be obtained).   

Acting on the concept of future development that features Environmental Protection and Connected Intelligence, INFINAIR commits itself to the ventilation industry with ongoing investment in research and development. INFINAIR takes as its core values reliable products convenient services and novel energy-saving technologies.

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