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Highly Efficient Inline Vane Axial Fan Impeller Type M - YFIAM

This video is about model YFIAM, an Inline Vane Axial fan, with airfoil impeller, and adjustable blade angles. YFIAM is a very famous model of INFINAIR. It is suitable for either general or smoke spill duty.


Let’s start from the impeller. This is always the most important thing. The INFINAIR M series impeller design is so efficient and flexible. It is widely accepted as an ideal choice for wide range of building ventilation applications. Type M is made of pressurized cast aluminum, the section of each blade is airfoil.


INFINAIR Research Institute’s engineers are using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology to improve the efficiency. They simulate different airfoil profiles, number of blades, angle, hub profile, blade length etc. to find out the best solution. Then the INFINAIR air performance lab, accredited by AMCA, will do the experimental verification part. The engineers test the type M beta version again and again, to make sure the air performance is as good as the calculated results.


FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technology is utilized to verify, adjust and optimize the aluminum material formula, material thickness, structural parts strength, and process of manufacturing. The balancing level of impeller type M is as high as G2.5 as per AMCA 204, while typical products are balanced to G6.3 only. High balancing level can reduce noise & vibration, and improve reliability. INFINAIR type M impeller blade angle is adjustable at factory according to the application, a total of 8 angles are readily available to precisely provide the required performance. Guide vanes after the impeller are carefully designed to comb the air flow, and fan efficiency is further improved. Optimized leading edges of guide vanes can help to reduce sound pressure by dispersing airflow knocking on them.


Direct drive design: maintenance work load reduced, transmission efficiency increased, and installation space saved because of the compact housing height. The fan is suitable for versatile installation needs such as floor-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or outdoor roof installation when equipped with INFINAIR FLAG-CLOUD wind band.


The INFI-KOAT Molecular FilmTM coating is a type of electrostatic applied epoxy powder, cured under high temperature. It obtains uniform, high-adhesion film. The INFI-KOAT Molecular FilmTM is very reliable. It can resist ultraviolet, moisture, marine climate, large area of uniform corrosion and local pitting corrosionHundreds of thousands of INFINAIR YFIAM fans are running now. Your extraordinary experience is our goal. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us online, either for technical details or for a solution.


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