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Inline Axial Fan-Impeller Type D (YFIAD)


Welcome to INFINAIR. We are pleased to introduce to you YFIAD, one of INFINAIRs METROPOLIS SERIES products.

The sailfish has a muscular and streamlined body and its dorsal fin normally remains down to reduce drag as it swims. It zips through the water like a flight of arrows and attacks its unwary prey easily. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the sailfish wears the crown as the fastest swimmer in the oceans, capable of speeds up to 190 km/h. (kilometre per hour)

Inspired by this natural performance, INFINAIR engineers have studied the sailfish to incorporate the best features of bionic design into our products. Repeated test were conducted during the successful development of the Sailfish Series impellers.

These have the following distinctive features;

1. High Efficiency
Winglet fins are designed into the YFIAD airfoil blades and have been optimized through CFD analysis. Advanced manufacturing processes are used to reduce clearance between the impeller and the cylindrical housing to reduce blade tip leakage losses. Even should an abnormal operating condition arise, the system efficiency will remain high throughout a wide range of performance.

2. Low Sound
YFIAD adopts an axial airfoil impeller independently developed by INFINAIR. The zig-zag trailing edge and forward sweeping impeller design was developed to effectively reduce sound levels. The secondary flow sound is further reduced by the equal circulation design features. Its balance quality grade is as high as G2.5 for stable operation. 6 or 9 blade models are available for customization.

3. Great Reliability
Die-Cast Aluminum or high strength Polyamides are used for the blades and hub. The impeller has been optimized through the FEA process and subjected to over-speed and endurance testing to ensure reliable and durable operation.

4.Maintenance Free Design and High Efficiency
YFIAD is of direct drive design. This offers higher transmission efficiency and a more compact structure with no quick wearing parts in the design.

5.Wide Application Range

YFIAD can be used to meet various needs, including standard ventilation, explosion proof, and smoke removal applications.

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