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(SWSI) Centrifugal Utility Set model CUS

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Our single width single inlet (SWSI) Centrifugal Utility Set model CUS, is an ideal product for commercial HVAC applications.

The model CUS is featuring the following:


1. Outstanding Performance

With the aid of the computer fluid dynamics (CFD), INFINAIR engineers have successfully developed the Wind-SurferTM wheel to its 4th generation, the aerodynamic performance and noise have been greatly improved.

Finite element analysis (FEA) optimized the CUS a more reliable and outstanding product.


2. Compact Design

The CUS suits small and confined areas of commercial buildings. It can be mounted either on the ground & roof, or ceiling hung. It can be installed indoor, or outdoor when a weather cover is accompanied, to prolong its life expectancy and prevent accidental human injuries.

When mounted at junction of ducts, CUS can replace the L-type duct corner.


3. Stability and Certification

CUS’s outstanding quality standard has been leading the industry for years.The wheel balancing level reached G2.5 as per AMCA standard 204.

CUS is certified by AMCA for both sound and air performance.CUS is also officially certified by Chinese authorities for explosion-proof. Applications like large scale UPS power supply rooms, where hydrogen may be generated, CUS is definitely the ideal choice.


4. Commercial Kitchen Applications

CUS is also suitable for commercial kitchen grease exhaust. It is featuring:

-- Ease of maintenance: Enlarged access doors on scroll housing and both sides of motor are easy to perform cleaning and maintenance.

-- Leakage proof: The CUS scroll housing are continuously welded to proof leakage. The kitchen grease can then be collected through the drain provided.

-- Flexibility in installation: The scroll housing outlet direction is rotatable at field according to surroundings, wind direction, spacing, etc.


INFINAIR model CUS has become the first choice in commercial buildings, as well as lots of eastern and western restaurant franchises.At INFINAIR, we try hard to design products to provide value for our customers, that is why thousands of CUS are running now all over the world, each and every day.


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