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Inline Mixed-flow fan - Model YFIMF

This video is about an exclusive innovation presented to you by INFINAIR, our model YFIMF, the mixed flow fan with Wind-Hunter series wheel design. The Wind-Hunter mixed flow series of wheels are featuring non-overloading, high efficiency and low noise in certain applications.


The Wind-Hunter mixed flow series of wheels are featuring non-overloading, high efficiency and low noise in certain applications. How? Because the INFINAIR Wind-Hunter mixed flow wheel is so innovative. It is similar to no one in the industry. The aerodynamic profile of YFIMF wheels are so carefully designed thru CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology. Then the engineers made dozens of samples to test them in our lab.


Details like: How to update the front disk profile? How to modify the blade angle? How to further improve the hub profile? And how to optimize the wheel width? All those details finally decide the way how Wind-hunter series evolve. Furthermore, the unique spherical hub, the exclusive backward blades, and, the specially curved front disk, are then precisely verified & approved by INFINAIR FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technology.Sound power levels and efficiency are always the two key factors when selecting a fan in high end jobs. However there are noticeable differences between fan types. While axial fans’ power consumption and efficient are perfect, maybe they sound too noisy sometimes. The inline centrifugal? Much quieter but, anyhow, they consume more electricity. How to solve the dilemma? In certain applications, YFIMF may act as the most ideal compromise. The table shows the sound power level [Lw(A)] and the static efficiency of the YFIMF wheel versus inline centrifugal and vane axial fans. You may figure out that, actually, YFIMF provides best solution for application like medium air volume and pressure. To further enhance performance,straightening vanes are incorporated between housing and drive chamber. It is converting, actually combing the swirling airflow after the wheel into a straight axial one. The vanes greatly increase meaningful static pressure, and reduce energy cost. Meanwhile, the fan body is then reinforced to support larger and heavier motor.



Both direct drive and belt drive models are applied to model YFIMF, and they provide different value. The direct drive models naturally contain less wearing parts, and still generate satisfying performance by changing blade angles. And they are more cost effective. Meanwhile the belt drive fans can precisely match designated performance needs. Due to the motor is out of the fan housing, bigger motors like two speed or VFD duty, can be easily installed. Versatile installation arrangements are including: horizontal base, horizontal suspension, vertical base, vertical suspension, even roof installation, YFIMF is also tested, certified to act as smoke removal duty. You can find the certificate online.



YFIMF is also certified to bear AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) rating seal. The green seal means air performance, sound, and the FEG value have been tested and certified by AMCA according to its related standards.



We are always happy to support you to allocate proper types and sizes. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us online, thank you!


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