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Roof mounted exhaust fan – RTC

This video would introduce model RTC, rooftop centrifugal fan. Model RTC is adopting INFINAIR’s most famous WIND-SURFER ™ wheel.


WIND-SURFER ™ wheel is already in its fourth generation (4G) design. INFINAIR Research Institute’s engineers are using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology to improve the efficiency, by simulating different number of blades, wheel blade profile, angle, height, etc.Then they will use FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technology to optimize and adjust the material type, material thickness, structural form and processing way in design stage. This technology would ensure: the parts can resist various pressures during operation, the fan can operate reliably for a long time, and the product cost is reasonable.


The aluminum wheel material is also carefully chosen to fully satisfy the following application: smoke spill, coastal region, and anti-spark application. INFINAIR has also designed special tailor made machine, moulds and tooling to ensure the precision and reliability of the manufacturing. By continuously doing so over years, the WIND-SURFER ™ wheel family is leading the efficiency and air performance in the industry.


RTC fan housing and wheel are made of aluminum alloy, which effectively reduce roof load, investment on steel structure is saved.


The drive is installed in an independent motor chamber. It keeps the motor and drive outside the contaminated air. It is also suitable for lubrication grease, kitchen grease, dust and VOC, which are very typical in workshop application.


RTC fans are suitable for explosion resistant application, smoke spill application, coastal high-salt condensation, and extreme weather condition. Hundreds thousands of INFINAIR RTC fans are running now. Your extraordinary experience is our goal. 


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